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Cricket Bowling Machine

Leverage iBot - Cricket Bowling Machines

iChamp - Hybrid Bowling Machine for Cricket, Tennis and Baseball

Leverage is proud to present another revolutionary ball throwing machine, iChamp. It is one of its kind bowling machine.

Leverage iChamp is the most economical Leather Cricket Ball Throwing Machine available in the market.

The iChamp is a patent-pending hybrid bowling machine that can be used as a Cricket Bowling Machine, Tennis Ball Throwing Machine for lawn tennis practice and Baseball Pitching Machine.

It may be small, lightweight and portable, but it's a powerful, robust machine for continuous practice.

Most important feature of this machine is that it can be used in less than 20ft for effective batting practice.

Effective Speed from 20ft: 120kph

Balls Compatible:
iChamp:Leather Cricket Balls and Dimpled Balls
iChampAUTO: Leather Cricket Balls, Dimpled Balls and Tennis Balls

iChamp: INR 14,500/-
iChampAUTO: INR 22,500/-

Leverage iBot - Cricket Bowling Machines

iBot Bowling Machine

Leverage iBot is a very special and unique ball throwing machine. It’s a great tool for entry level professional cricketers. Its patent pending dual point feeding and release system can simulate great deliveries. Top Point feeding is to practice deliveries which slowdown off the pitch. Bottom Point feeding is to practice deliveries which hurries onto the batsman, after pitching.
These variations tremendously improve and optimise the reflexes of the batsman.
Patent Pending(No. 202041011883)

Leverage iwinner - Cricket Bowling Machines

iWinner Bowling Machine

Leverage iWinner is a very low priced two-wheel Cricket Bowling Machine. This machine is suitable for professional practice and entertainment. Speed up to 130kmph. It is a two wheel digital ball throwing machine with intelligent features.

Leverage Master Digi - Bowling Machine

Master Digi Bowling Machine

Leverage Master Digi is the best two-wheel cricket bowling machine for professional players to develop their skills against speed, swing and spin deliveries.

Leverage Master e2 - Bowling Machine

Master e2 Bowling Machine

Leverage Master e2 is an automatic two-wheel bowling machine. This high-performance cricket Bowling machine has the intelligent features required to hone the skills of batsmen. Operate using a tab or phone.

Leverage Yantra - Bowling Machine

Yantra Bowling Machine

It’s a well-known fact that the three-wheel Bowling Machines are way superior compared to the two-wheel Cricket Bowling Machines. Leverage Yantra is the first three-wheel Cricket Bowling Machine in the world.

Leverage Yantra e3 - Bowling Machine

Yantra e3 Bowling Machine

Batsmen dream to own this bowling machine. Leverage Yantra e3 is the most advanced cricket bowling machine equipped with artificial intelligence and wireless operations. This Cricket Bowling Machine is the ultimate batting practice tool and a prized possession for any cricketer. It is the best cricket bowling machine available in the world.

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Sports Robots/Simulators

Leverage CricAvatar - Virtual Simulator

Cric-Avatar - Virtual Cricket Simulator

This money generating concept has six International Bowlers. This cricket simulator is studded with unique features like Most satisfying and colourful score graphics, instant replay, simulation of different pitches, Game Analytic App, Instant Video to Player etc. Robust Leverage Cricket Bowling Machines back this incredible Cricket Simulator.

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Leverage iRoboGoalie - Intelligent Robot GoalKeeper

iRoboGoalie - Intelligent Robot GoalKeeper

iRoboGoalie is a Robot Goal Keeper equipped with artificial intelligence. It is the most advanced and the fastest. This concept can be used for professional soccer practice or fun and entertainment.

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Our Products

Cricket Practice Tools

Leverage SpeedArm - Ball Thrower

SpeedArm - Ball Thrower

It’s a one stop batting practice solution at an affordable price. The short lever with goose neck design allows one to generate pace and accuracy. It can generate speed upto 110 KMPH.

Leverage RoboArm - Ball Thrower

The RoboArm - Ball Thrower

The RoboArm ball thrower is a patented innovation. It is the world’s fastest ball throwing aid. The Tiltable cup helps in maintaining the natural throw of the user. It does not cause shoulder injury. It can generate speed up to 160KMPH.

Leverage SpingBall - A revolutionary cricket ball

SpingBall - Revolutionary Training Tool

Spingball is an innovative patent-pending product. Spingball is designed for practising complicated spin/seam deliveries.

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Our Products

Bowling Machine Accessories

Leverage iWinner Bowling Machine Balls

iWin Balls - iWinner Machine Balls

Compatible with iWinnner
iWin Balls are made with non-wearing PU material, lasts for longer periods compared to regular cricket balls. They are slightly smaller than Machine Balls. These balls are to be used in iWinner ONLY.

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Leverage Bowling Machine Balls

Leverage Dimple Balls

Compatible with Master Digi, Master e2, Yantra, Yantra e3
The special aerodynamic design of Leverage Bowling Machine Balls provides accurate and quality practice for the batsmen. Leverage Bowling Machine Balls are made of proprietary PU material and last very long compared to regular cricket balls. Unlike cheaper dimple balls, Leverage Cricket Bowling Machine balls do not cause harm to the Cricket Bowling Machines. Cheaper dimple balls are not accurate and pose a threat to the batman while practising. Available in 80g, 100g, 120g, 140g, 155g and different colours.

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I found Leverage Cricket Bowling Machine far superior to any other Cricket Bowling Machines I have ever used.

Author image
Sachin Tendulkar

The Cricket Bowling Machine is excellent and very useful. Can be a very useful tool for improving batting skills.

Author image
Rahul Dravid

The performance of Leverage Cricket Bowling Machines has been extremely good and service provided is extremely satisfactory!

Author image
National Cricket Academy(NCA)

Leverage Cricket Bowling Machines are unique and well developed. I recommend Leverage Bowling Machines to all the youngsters.

Author image
Gautam Gambhir

The Spingball is a great innovation. It’s very challenging for batsmen.

Author image
K L Rahul Cricketer, India

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